Your curtain will arrive already assembled and if it does not need cutting down to size is ready for the end caps to be fixed to the header rail and then hung in place.

Cutting to size

It is advisable that your curtain overlaps either side of your door frame by 10mm - 20mm so there is not a gap for flies and insects to get through. Use a hacksaw to cut the header rail to size.

We also suggest the curtain strands do not drag on the floor, and should be 10mm - 200mm of the ground. Strands can be shortened using a pair of scissors or a knife. You may need to let the curtain hang a couple of days to let the strands straighten out completely.

Fitting End Caps

Plastic end caps are enclosed with your curtain. These are to be fitted to the ends of the header rail to provide a cleaner finish. Please be aware that they have to be fitted in a certain way to match the profile of the header rail.


A pair of hooks is enclosed with your curtain. These should be screwed into the top of your door frame leaving 15mm clearance to hook the header rail over.

Hanging Brackets

For a more secure fit and for PVC door frames you can purchase especially designed brackets which are screwed permanently into your doorframe.These are available in stainless steel, white, brown and black to match common doorframe colours. The brackets are 35mm deep and 15mm clearance is needed to hook the hanging rail over.


The curtain should be cleaned with warm soapy water. Detergents can cause beads and PVC strands to change colour and should not be used.